Male Aesthetic Treatments

Male Aesthetic Treatments

Often when we consider anything relating to aesthetics or beauty we think of women of all ages looking for that eternal youth magic potion. We often neglect our men and their ideas about self image and looking/feeling good. Luciderm Aesthetics are not sexist in any way ;-) our treatments are suitable for anybody wanting to give them a try!

Thanks to daily use of social media as a way of communicating and the ever increasing number of people posting perfectly filtered photographs of themselves, men as well as women are now put under pressure to look their best.

It’s a well known fact that men are very different to women and this fact translates to the world of aesthetics. Women will share with their friends the treatments that they have had, however weird and wonderful they may be, whereas this is an unlikely subject to be shared around a pub table during a few pints. There is a definite increase in men seeking various aesthetic treatments, but unfortunately not as many wanting to share their experiences. But why should it be such a secret? There’s no harm in looking after yourself.

So where does it all begin? You get a moisturiser and a beard trimmer for Christmas (don’t you just love those subtle hints from the family that you need to take better care of yourself!), your mates are repeatedly starting to call you George Clooney/ Scofe / Silver Fox and the next thing you know you are in the hair dye section of the supermarket considering "just for men" as you’ve finally given in to the fact that pepper is quickly turning into salt (although you make sure nobody is around before you go in to grab the packet!). Before you know it you’re on Amazon looking for hair removal creams to tame the unnecessary and for some reason thicker and darker hair that appears on certain areas of the body in an attempt to do some “manscaping”  ;-) You only need to check the hundreds of reviews on this product to know that you just shouldn’t go there, unless straddling a frozen bag of peas is your idea of a night well spent!!

There are only so many supermarket products that will help to delay the aging process; hence the increase in more men taking the step across the doorstep of the local beauty salon and the nearest clinic that will offer them “brotox” or a “boyzillian”.

A range of treatments are now being sought after by men, from teeth whitening to beard contouring, procedures that grow hair where they want it and others that laser it away from areas they don’t want it. The point is, there are options out there to suit you, and you don’t have to keep it quiet if you do want to look your best. They don't have to cost the earth nor do they have to be completely wacky with a super cool hastag to be worth shelling out for ........ #aintnobodygottimeforthat. The Lady, or man in your life will only be grateful that you are taking better care of yourself (just so long as you don’t take longer than them to get ready!!).

Whether it is “brotox” you want, hair removal, or a simple treatment to turn back those years, here at Luciderm we can help you to look and feel your best! 

Book yourself a free consultation for some of our virtually pain free options to a younger looking you!


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